Rook is Ben's new, by-the-book partner.He is overall a fairly strong alien as is evident when he fights. He is armed with a versatile weapon known as a proto-tool which is capable of being things such as :a blaster, a grappling hook and even a fishing rod. He says in the first episode he learnt his fighting technique when he was assigned to his own planet apparently defending " alien weeds " as Ben refers to them. Rook always keeps a cool head when in battle and is always saving Ben from all the manners of trouble he gets himself into. He has an armor which is almost indestructible, there has been nothing shown to be able to penetrate this armor which is fortunate for rook when he is fighting tough villains such as Psyphon. Rook starts of very formally even calling Ben " sir " and always referring to the plumbers' manual which apparently where all plumbers receive there information on what to do in almost every plausible situation, this is unfortunate as Ben and Rook are often in situations which could only have been dreamed of such as when they had to try to save the universe from the annihilarg. Over the course of the series Rook is often the voice of reason in the pair in spite of the fact that Ben hardly ever listens to his advice and even when he does it rarely turns out well. Rook does respect Ben to a certain extent but had difficulty adapting to his ways of fighting villains, namely, attacking with almost no plan what so ever and always ending with chili fries and a smoothy. Rook has made the occasional wise-crack and sometimes used earth expressions yet not always said correctly. His first wise-crack was, and I quote, " well I'm not green enough to let a tunnel collapse on me". Though, when he had defeated one of their opponents in the first episode he said "forgive me, but I do not have any witty remarks" to which Ben replied: " Don't force it, Rook, let the wise-crack come to you", the ironic thing is Rook's wise-cracks seem to be noticeably better than Ben's. Rook has shown to take a liking to Max Tennyson as he has the same exotic tastes and is shown to have watched a massive battle ensue as Ben defended himself from Khyber's hunting dog, whilst eating alien "swamp hoppers" in his truck.