Rook is in possession of a versatile weapon known as a proto-tool. It has not been mentioned  yet where it came from  though it was hinted in the first series that there were more made in the universe though there has not been any other characters shown with a proto-tool. Rook has shown himself to be very skilled with it as is evident in a battle with almost every opponent including Khyber, in all manners of combat. The proto-tool is comprised of many parts which appear to be able to either morph themselves into different components or have extremely complex parts which are able to reassemble themselves incredibly quickly. Whether it is the former of the latter or even either of them is currently unknown. There has been many things the proto-tool is capable of turning into, the following list shows all the proto-tool's known forms: blaster pistol, blaster rifle, grappling hook launcher, sword, fishing rod, and a rocket launcher. Rook has shown to be a master of all the proto-tool's modes. There is the occasional mode which is not normal and unidentified.