Max hasn't really changed much. He is still wearing the same hawaai t-shirt that he has worn since the very first episode of Ben 10 ever broadcasted. Max still has an extremely exotic appetite as shown when he had to get help from Ben and Rook to try an capture his lunch so he could cook it. Rook, however, seems to rather like Max as he and Max share the same exotic taste for food, eating things from every galaxy we know of and even a few more. Max is shown to be in a fairly high position in the plumbers as Rook always refers to him as " Magister Tennyson"  and he is often shown giving  orders to other plumbers when in a battle. Max is shown be a very good shot as he was able to take down someone who had escaped prison by flicking yet another one of his exotic recipies onto the inmates face which in turn knocked him out all without turning around and talking to Ben on the phone. Over all, Max is the one character in the series who has not changed through characteristics or appearance.