Malware is one of the main villains in the series. Malware is a galvanic-mecho-morph, a species accidently created by the galvans when they tried to make their moon inhabitable. However, Malware was created before his life code was properly completed. Malware's helix was incomplete and his life code interrupted so when he was created he appeared different to the others. He appeared as a sickly yellow colored mechomorph with a very thin body, and a very aggressive nature. He had begged Azmuth for years to fix him but Azmuth was (and still is) the most clever galvan alive and had a list of responsibilities that was extremely long. Azmuth could not fit in much time to build Malware's secondary helix and with such a complex problem Azmuth had been working on it for years and it was still incomplete. Malware had become tired of waiting and in a rage flew down to the city and stormed through the streets, destroying everything. Ben saw him and, in spite of Max telling him not to, turned into Feedback and fought him. However, Malware , as well as appearing different to the others, had also gained powers that others did not have. He could not only mimic tech but he could make it become him. This gave Malware enough advantages to defeat Ben, storm into Azmuth's lab and demand him to give him the secondary helix. Azmuth's attempts to get Malware to give him more time failed and Malware ran off taking the incomplete helix and Azmuth's assistant. Malware waited impatiently as Albedo finished. When he did finish, however, Malware did not become like the others but became more powerful. He could now make technology upgrade him instead of vice versa and now appeared as a strong being with red lines running all over his body. In spite of becoming one of the most powerful villains Ben would ever have to face, Malware has had a hatred for Azmuth ever since. Malware had fought Ben numerous times during Ben's youth until, once, he tried to absorb the omnitrix. This meant that even though he had been defeated he had now gained the blueprints for the omnitrix. It is revealed in the episode " trouble helix" that Malware took the blueprints to Doctor Psycobos so he could then make the nemitrix. Malware has not fought Ben during the series other than in flashbacks and seems to have helped Doctor Psycobos make the nemitrix to gain revenge on Azmuth as well. Over all, Malware is amazingly powerful yet still defeatable. Malware also does not seem to be able to be swayed from his quest to get revenge on Azmuth.