Doctor Psycobos is the main antagonist of the series. He appears to be a telepathic cerebro-crustacean robot (the same species of aliens as "Brainstorm"  but in robotic form). However, the fact he seems to harbor a single-minded hatred for Azmuth seems to contradict the theory of  him being a robot. It is possible that he may just be the mind of a cerebro-crustacean forced to reside within a robotic body. He is very easily identified by his stutter. So far, throughout the series, for reasons unknown, he has shown an absolute loathing for Azmuth. It is possible that it was Azmuth who unwittingly forced him to take on his current form, explaining this loathing. This may be revealed later in the series. He has made an alliance with Malware, a dysfunctional galvanic-mechomorph with an incorrectly written life code. This is probably because he also has a score to settle with Azmuth as well. Doctor Psycobos has also hired Khyber, the self-proclaimed best huntsman in the galaxy. In spite of this alliance, Doctor Psycobos has often found a reason to stop an argument between them rather like a pair of children. However, he has shown to dislike them as well, enough to zap them with his lightning and say: " Now try not to destroy each other until I get back. Or do, now that would be a pl-pl-pleasant surprise to come back to!". As mentioned above, Doctor Psycobos still has the abilities of a normal cerebro-crustacean in spite of his possibly cyborg form. These powers include opening up his head and shooting lightning from his brain and levitating. He may have some other powers but they have not yet been shown. Over all, Doctor Psycobos is extremely clever, incredibly powerful and utterly ruthless in his attempt to achieve his goal: enacting vengeance upon Azmuth.