Blukic and Driba are the two resident Galvans at the plumbers HQ and are often responsible for helping Ben fix the omnitrix and also dealing with most of the technical malfunctions. Driba is more full of himself than Blukic and often says things like " quite smart... for a non-galvan" when regarding to Ben's plans and is often trying to take charge and is often blaming Blukic for most of the mistakes that happen in HQ and is always trying take credit for most of their successful endeavours. Blukic, on the other hand, is the more calm of the pair and, admittedly, more right. Blukic is never as ambitious as Driba and, as a result, is correct more often about their situation and what to do than Driba. He has often reduced Driba's image by suggesting a more sensible solution than what his partner seems to believe is a better idea. They do, however, come in extremely handy as shown when they fixed the omnitrix when Dr Sycobos stole one of its regulators. This was an extremely difficult task because they could not communicate with Azmuth for help as the communications were down and they had to try countless different regulators. They eventually got it right and fixed the most complicated machine in existence.