Ben 10 has not changed much in the 7 years he's been fighting villains. His aliens are pretty much the only noticeable change. Ben has now become a full-time plumber getting all his missions ( with the exception of taking down Khyber ) from plumber HQ. Ben is now in the possession of Azmuth's finished ultimatrix, this, unfortunately doesn't have even remotely similar controls to any of the previous models of omnitrix or Albedo's ultimatrix. As a result of this, Ben almost always finds himself having to adapt to the completely wrong alien due to the fact he has almost no idea which aliens the symbols on his omnitrix represent. As the series goes on though he gradually figures it out and becomes more efficient in battles with only the occasional mishap. Ben has now also become better at using aliens such as grey matter in battle situations and using their abilities to their advantage. Ben has had to once deal with the omnitrix malfunctioning due to a bit of it missing ( stolen by doctor Sycobos) and being changed into an alien which had no abilities what so ever. He has the strange side effect that he hasn't changed into any of his "ultimate" life forms yet, whether he chose not to or whether he simply isn't able to is currently unknown. Ben had trouble at first when Rook was first sent to join him on his missions. His main trouble was how by-the-book Rook was and also how much like a cop he acted. Ben eventually got used to him and vice versa. Ben seems to rather dislike the galvans who are residents to the plumber headquarters, he says that they are worse than Azmuth - not in the sense of the fact of their intelligence but of their annoyance. They however take that as the intelligence wise and don't seem to mind. But he has been shown to like them slightly as at the end of an episode he gets them smoothies, though it is possible that he sheerly did it out of amusement as he found it rather funny when they were drinking the smoothies in a savage, lavish manner. Over all, Ben has become more mature but still prone to make awful jokes and terrible wise-cracks.